Faculty Publications

Updated February 2018



Michael Barber

 "Status Quo Bias in Ballot Wording" with David Gordon, Ryan Hill, and Joe Price. The Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2017. 4 (2) 151-160.
"Sophisticated Donors: Which Candidates Do Individual Contributors Finance?" with Brandice Canes-Wrone and Sharece Thrower. American Journal of Political Science, 2017. 61 (2) 271-288.
"Gender Inequalities in Campaign Finance: A Regression Discontinuity Design" with Daniel Butler and Jessica Preece. Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2016. 11 (2) 219-248.

Celeste Beesley

"Euromaidan and the Role of Protest in Democracy." PS: Political Science and Politics. 49(2):244-249.
"Globalization and Corruption in Post-Soviet Countries: Perverse Effects on Economic Openness" in Eurasian Geography and Economics. Oxford: Taylor and Francis. 2015.


Donna Lee Bowen

"State Fragility and Structural Gender Inequality in Family Law: An Empirical Investigation" in LAWS. With PL Nielson and V. Hudson. Geneva: MDPI. 2015.

"Clan Governance and State Stability: The Relationship between Female Subordination and Political Order" in American Political Science Review. With PL Nielson and V. Hudson. Cambridge University. 2015.

"Reinserting Race as a Relevant Social Category in Turkish Football" in Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East. With Y. Nuhrat, M. Patton, and B. Schulthies. Indiana University Press. 2014.


Adam Brown

"Why do Legislators Skip Votes? Position Taking and Policy Influence." With Jay Goodliffe. Political Behavior. 39 (2): 425-55. 2017.
"The Challenge of Local Party Brand Differentiaton." Social Science Journal. 54 (March): 51-55. 2017.
"Voters Don't Care Much about Incumbency." Journal of Experiemental Political Science. 1 (December): 132:143.


Ray Christensen

"Pork-Barrel Politics and Electoral Reform: Explaining the Curious Differences in the Experiences of Thailand and Japan," with Joel Sawat Selway The Journal of Asian Studies 76 no. 2 (May 2017):283-310.
"Review of Japan under the DPJ: The Politics of Transition and Governance" in Journal of Japanese Studies. 2015.

"The Rules of the Election Game in Japan" in Party Politics in Japan, Political Chaos and Stalemate in the Twenty-First Century. New York: Routledge. 2015.


Scott Cooper


"Currency Unions in the Developing World" in Handbook of the International Political Economy of Monetary Relations. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. 2014.


Richard Davis

"Supreme Democracy: The End of Elitism in Supreme Court Nominations" (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2017)

Justices and Journalists: The Global Perspective (New York:  Cambridge University Press, 2017). Co-editor with David Taras

Twitter and Elections Around the World:  Campaigning in 140 Characters or Less (New York:  Routledge, 2017). Co-editor with Christina Holtz-Bacha and Marion Just


Ryan Davis

“A Buck-Passing Account of the Common Good” (with Eric Beerbohm) Journal of Political Philosophy 25:4 (2017): 60-79.
“Dementia, Advance Directives, and the Problem of Temporal Selfishness,” The Ethics of Ability and Enhancement, eds. Terry L. Price and Jessica Flanigan, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).
“Toleration and Autonomy as a Moral Attitude” Journal of Social Philosophy 28:1 (2017): 92-116.


Adam Dynes

Butler, Daniel M., Craig Volden, Adam M. Dynes, and Boris Shor. 2017. “Ideology, Learning, and Policy Diffusion: Experimental Evidence.” American Journal of Political Science 61 (1): 37–49.
Butler, Daniel M., and Adam M. Dynes. 2016. “How Politicians Discount the Opinions of Constituents with Whom They Disagree.” American Journal of Political Science 60 (4): 975–89.

"Partisanship and the Allocation of Federal Spending: Do Same-Party Legislators or Voters Benefit from Shared Party Affiliation with the President and House Majority" in American Political Science Review. Cambridge University. 2015.


Earl Fry

"The External Relations of Local Governments in North America after NAFTA: Trends and Perspectives" in Autonomous. With R. Flores and S. Paquin. Mexicali: University of Baja California. 2015.

"Pointe due vue: L'ALENA fete ses 20 ans: fondement de l'integration economique nord-americaine ou victime du repli national?" in Politique Americaine. Paris, France. 2015.

"La gestion de la frontiere americano-canadienne dans le contexte de l'ALENA et du renforcement des mesures de securite" in Controle et securisation des zones frontaliere: Pratiques et discours en France et au Canada. Paris, France. 2015.

Jay Goodliffe

Jay Goodliffe and Darren Hawkins. 2017. “Dependence Networks and the Diffusion of Domestic Political Institutions.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(4): 903-929.
Adam R. Brown and Jay Goodliffe. 2017. “Why do Legislators Skip Votes? Position Taking Versus Policy Influence.” Political Behavior. 39(2): 425-455.

"Effective Record Linkage for Mining Campaign Contribution Data" in Knowledge and Information Systems. With C. Giraud-Carrier. 2015.

Joshua Gubler

Gubler, Joshua R., Skye Herrick, Richard Price, David A. Wood. 2018. “Violence, Aggression, and Ethics: The link between exposure to human violence and unethical behavior.” Journal of Business Ethics 147(1): 25-34. Selected media coverage: Altmetric, Pacific Standard, Boston Globe
Gubler, Joshua R. and Nathan P. Kalmoe. 2015. “Violent Rhetoric in Protracted Group Conflicts: Experimental Evidence from Israel and India.” Political Research Quarterly 68(4): 651-664.
"Humanizing the Outgroup in Contexts of Protracted Intergroup Conflict" in Journal of Experimental Political Science. With E. Halperin and G. Hirschberger. Cambridge University Press. 2015.


Ralph Hancock


"Mormon Apologetics and Mormon Studies: Truth, Relativism and the New Mormon Love-in," in Blair Van Dyke and Loyd Ericson, eds., Perspectives on Mormon Theology: Apologetics (Greg Kofford Books, forthcoming May 2017)

"Conservatism, Aesthetic and Active: Reflections on Roger Scruton and Pierre Manent," Perspectives on Political Science 45:4 (2016)

"The Claims of Subjectivity and the Limits of Politics," in Subjectivity, Ancient and Modern, eds. R. J. Snell and Steven F. McGuire, Lexington Books, 2016.  


Darren Hawkins

"Down the Rathole? Public Support for Foreign Aid," coauthor with Reuben Hurst and Taylor Tidwell. International Studies Quarterly 61(2): 442-454, July 2017.

"Dependence Networks and the Diffusion of Domestic Political Institutions," coauthor with Jay Goodliffe. Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(4): 903-929, April 2017.

"States and International Courts: The Politics of Prosecution in Sierra Leone," coauthor with Chad Losee. Journal of Human Rights 13(1): 48-68, March 2014.


Kirk Hawkins


Hawkins, Kirk A. and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser. 2017. "The ideational approach to populism." Latin American Research Review. 52(3): 513-28.

Hawkins, Kirk A. 2016. "Chavismo, liberal democracy, and radical democracy." Annual Review of Political Science. 19: 311-29.

Hawkins, Kirk A. 2016. "Responding to radical populism: Chavismo in Venezuela." Democratization. 23 (2): 242-62.


John Holbein


Holbein, John B. “Childhood Skill Development and Adult Political Participation.” American Political Science Review 111, no. 3 (2017): 572-583.
Holbein, John B. & Helen F. Ladd. “Accountability Pressure: Regression Discontinuity Estimates of how NCLB Affects Student Behavior.” Economics of Education Review 58 (2017): 55-67
Ladd, Helen F., Charles T. Clotfelter, and John B. Holbein. “The Growing Segmentation of the Charter School Market in North Carolina” Education Finance and Policy 12, no. 4 (2017): 536-563


Eric Hyer


2017. "Lean, Special, or Consensual? Vulnerability and External Buffering in the Small States of East-Central Europe" (with Dorothee Bohle). Comparative Politics, 49(2): 191-212.

2017. "Grand Coalitions and Democratic Dysfunction: Two Warnings From Central Europe. Government and Opposition, 52(2): 329-355.

2017. "Ungleiche Zwillinge: Gewerkschafter in der SPD" (with Martin Behrens). WSI-Mitteilungen, August, 587-596.


Wade Jacoby


2017. "Lean, Special, or Consensual? Vulnerability and External Buffering in the Small States of East-Central Europe" (with Dorothee Bohle). Comparative Politics, 49(2): 191-212.

2017. "Grand Coalitions and Democratic Dysfunction: Two Warnings From Central Europe. Government and Opposition, 52(2): 329-355.

2017. "Ungleiche Zwillinge: Gewerkschafter in der SPD" (with Martin Behrens). WSI-Mitteilungen, August, 587-596.


Chris Karpowitz


Christopher F. Karpowitz, J. Quin Monson, and Jessica Preece. 2017. “How to Elect More Women: Gender and Candidate Success in a Field Experiment.” The American Journal of Political Science. 61(4): 927-943.
Daniel M. Butler, Christopher F. Karpowitz, and Jeremy C. Pope. 2017. “Who Gets the Credit? Legislative Responsiveness and Evaluations of Members, Parties, and the U.S. Congress.” Political Science Research and Methods. 5(2): 351-366. Available online at https://doi.org/10.1017/psrm.2015.83.
Carolyne Abdullah, Christopher F. Karpowitz, Chad Raphael. 2016. “Affinity Groups, Enclave Deliberation, and Equity.” Journal of Public Deliberation 12(2): Article 6. Available online at http://www.publicdeliberation.net/jpd/vol12/iss2/art6.

David Magleby

Government by the People. New York: Pearson. 2015.

"The Necessity of Political Parties and the Importance of Compromise" in BYU Studies Quarterly. 2015.

"The 2012 Election as a Team Sport" in Financing the 2012 Election, edited volume. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution. 2014.

Quinn Mecham


"A Government of the Opposition: How Moroccan Islamists' Dual Role Contributes to their Electoral Success," in Adaptation Strategies of Islamist Movements, POMEPS Studies 26 (April 2017).  Project on Middle East Political Science: Washington, DC.

"Parliamentary Opposition Under Hybrid Regimes: Evidence from Egypt" (with Bryce Loidolt), Legislative Studies Quarterly 41:4 (November 2016), pp. 997-1022.

"Review of The Awakening of Muslim Democracy: Religion, Modernity, and the State, by Jocelyne Cesari," Perspectives on Politics 14:2 (June 2016).

Quin Monson

"Representational Inconsistency: Presentation of Self and Explanations of Washington Activity in Campaign Mail and Franked Mail" in Congress and the Presidency. 2015.

"A Politically Peculiar People: How Mormons Moved Into and Then Out Of the Political Mainstream" in Mormonism and American Politics. Columbia University Press. 2015.

"Does Civic Education Matter? The Power of Long-Term Observation and the Experimental Method" in Journal of Political Science Education. 2015.

Chad Nelson

“Why the Great Powers Permitted the Creation of an American Hegemon.” Political Science Quarterly 132:4 (2017-18), 685-718.

“The Evolution of Norms: American Policy toward Revolution in Iran and Egypt.” Journal of Human Rights 16:4 (2017), 494-515. 
“The Attenuation of Revolutionary Foreign Policy” (with Arthur Stein). International Politics 52:5 (2015), 626-636.


Daniel Nielson

"Causes of Non-Compliance with International Law: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Financial Transparency" in American Journal of Political Science. With M. Findley and J. Sharman. Wiley. 2015.

"How Collaborations with Undergraduates Improve Both Learning and Research: With Examples from International Development Experiments" in Political Science and Politics. With S. Herrick and W. Matthias. 2015.

"Orchestrating the Fight against Anonymous Incorporation: A Field Experiment" in International Organizations as Orchestrators. With M. Findley and J. Sharman. Cambridge University Press. 2015.

Kelly Patterson

"Who's in and Who's Out: The Politics of Religious Norms." Politics and Religion 9 (September 2016): 509-536 (with Christopher Karpowitz and J. Quin Monson).
"Financing the 2012 Congressional Elections" in Financing the 2012 Elections. With P. Herrnson and S. Perry Curtis. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press. 2014.

"Online Polls and Registration Based Sampling: A New Method for Pre-election Polling" in Political Analysis. With M. Barber, Q. Monson, and C. Mann. 2014.

Jeremy Pope

“Who Gets the Credit? Legislative Responsiveness and Evaluations of Members, Parties, and the US Congress” (with Daniel Butler and Christopher Karpowitz), 2017, Political Science Research Methods 5, 351 - 366.
"Clinton scandals may have defeated one presidential candidate. Could they do it again?" Monkey Cage, The Washington Post. 2015.

"Voting for a Founding: Testing the effect of economic interests at the Federal Convention of 1787" in Journal of Politics. 2015.


Jessica Preece


Preece, Jessica Robinson. 2016. "A Discussion of Dawn Langan Teele's Field Experiments and Their Critics: Essays on the Uses and Abuses of Experimentation in the Social Sciences." Perspectives on Politics 14(4): 1133.

Preece, Jessica Robinson. 2016. "The right kind of performance feedback narrows the gender gap in political engagement." LSE Democratic Audit UK blog: http://www.democraticaudit.com/?p=22031

Preece, Jessica Robinson. 2015. Review of More Women Can Run: Gender and Pathways to the State Legislatures, by Susan Carroll and Kira Sanbonmatsu, Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy 36(2): 246-248


Joel Selway

Hawkins, Kirk, and Joel Selway. 2017. "Thaksin the Populist?" Chinese Political Science Review 2, no. 3: 372–394.
Christensen, Raymond, and Joel Selway. 2017. “Explaining the Different Outcomes in Thailand and Japan’s Electoral Reform.” Journal of Asian Studies 76, no. 2: 283-310.
Selway, Joel. 2015. "Ethnic Accommodation and Electoral Rules in Ethno-geographically Segregated Societies: PR Outcomes under FPTP in Myanmar Elections."Journal of East Asian Studies 15(3): 321-360.

Kendall Stiles

Author - Trust and Hedging in International Relations. University of Michigan Press 2018.
Co-author with Margaret Karns and Karen Mingst - International Organization: The Politics and Processes of Global Governance, 3rd edition. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner 2015.
Author - State Responses to International Law. London: Routledge 2014. Winner – Best Book of 2014-15 from the International Law Section of the International Studies Association.

Sven Wilson

 "Economic Perspectives on Utah Medicaid Reform under the ACA." Utah Department of Health. 2013.

"Introduction (Special Issue on Obesity and Family Across the Life Course)." Economics and Human Biology pp. 329-332. Elsevier. December 2012.