The Political Strategy track is designed to help students prepare for a career in domestic U.S. politics, the U.S. Government, the Legislative Process, Voting and Election Management, and in Campaign Management. Core skills here will help develop the experience needed to succeed in American Government, to work in the American Political Community, and to prepare for a Masters or PHD level of education. Courses include the political role of the media, and state and local government.

Menu for Political Strategy Major Track/Political Science (links):

  1. (link) Major Requirements for the Political Strategy Track.
  2. (link) College of FHSS Advisement page for Political Science
  3. (link) Core Skills to Develop: Program Outcomes:
    1. Understand Political Science and Its major Subfields: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political philosophy.
    2. Demonstrate advanced understanding of one of the five Professional Tracks that will lead to your career after graduation: Political Strategy, Legal Studies, Global Development, Research & Analysis, International Strategy and Diplomacy.
    3. Employ Rigorous Research Methods of research design and analysis to answer political questions, including multiple research methodologies.
    4. Write and Speak with Originality and Clarity, providing reasons and evidence to support claims using proper citation of source material.
    5. Think Critically and Analytically about politics, government, political processes, and political theories, including the components of a good society.
    6. Collaborate Effectively with others, including participation in political processes and engagement on issues of political importance.
  4. (link) Post Graduate Work or Study Options
  5. (link) Mentors in Political Strategy
  6. (link) Job Tracks for Political Strategy Major


  1. (Link) Major Requirements for Political Strategy Track (in addition to the University General Education requirements) (30 hours total):
    1. Complete three (3) classes from requirement one (link), introduction to the major
    2. Complete one (1) course from requirement two (link)
    3. Complete one (1) course from requirement three (link)
    4. Complete one (1) course from requirement four (Poli 200 Political Inquiry) (link)
    5. Complete one (1) course from requirement five, research project (link)
    6. Complete one (2) courses from requirement six, analytical and professional skills (Poli 328 plus one more course from the list) (link)
    7. Complete fifteen (15) hours from requirement seven, your Professional Track: as follows: (link)
    8. Complete six (6) hours from requirement eight (upper level courses)(link)
    9. 27 hours of political science courses must be taken in residency at BYU (BYU Independent Study courses do not meet this requirement). These hours may also go toward BYU's 30-hour residency requirement for graduation.
    10. Poli 101R and 297R do not count toward the major or any minor offered by the department.
    11. Only 6 hours of Poli 399R (internship credit) may count toward the major.
    12. No cooperative education (internship) credit from other universities or colleges will be accepted toward the major.
    13. All students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship. Established programs are available through Washington Seminar, Utah State Legislature, or the Kennedy Center.
    14. Students scoring a 4 or 5 on the American Government and/or Comparative Government AP exams may substitute AP credit for Poli 110 or Poli 150, respectively.

We strongly encourage students to take Poli 298R, a career lecture series course


GROUP 7.4.1 Complete 5 courses

ECON 110 - Economic Principles and Problems3.0

ECON 477 - Political Economics3.0

POLI 304 - Game Theory in Political Science3.0

POLI 311 - State and Local Government and Politics3.0

POLI 313 - Interest Groups3.0

POLI 314 - The United States Presidency3.0

POLI 315 - Congress and the Legislative Process3.0

POLI 316 - American Political Parties3.0

POLI 317 - Public Opinion and Voting Behavior4.0v

POLI 318 - Campaigns and Elections3.0

POLI 321 - The Media in American Politics3.0

POLI 324 - Political Psychology3.0

POLI 331 - Politics and Public Policy3.0

POLI 342 - Gender and Politics3.0

POLI 343 - Designing Democracies and Dictatorships3.0

POLI 371 - Foreign Policy Analysis3.0

POLI 392R - Topics in Political Strategy3.0

POLI 399R - Academic Internship9.0v

You may take up to 6 credit hours.

POLI 422 - Interests and Ideas in the American Founding3.0

POLI 428 - Advanced Statistical Analysis3.0

Students are strongly encouraged to complete internships, work on political campaigns, and gain other practical political experience.