Winter 2018 Syllabi

170:001 Introduction to International Politics Cooper, Scott
200:001-4 Political Inquiry
Hawkins, Darren
200:005-8 Political Inquiry Christensen, Ray
202:001 Western Political Heritage 2 Hancock, Ralph
278:001 Statistics for Lawyers
Jones-Sanpei, Hinckley
344:001 Comparative Political Economy
Beesley, Celeste
347:001 Russia/Former Soviet Politics
Cooper, Scott
354:001 Japan: Government and Politics
Christensen, Ray
366:001 Modern American Political Thought Karpowitz, Chris
368R:001 Topics in Political Philosophy: Marriage and Political Philosophy Dabling, Brandon  
372:001 International Political Economy
Cooper, Scott
378:001 International Conflict Nelson, Chad
381:001 International Relations of the Middle East
Nelson, Chad
400:001 Research Project in Political Theory: Reason, Morality and Politics
Hancock, Ralph
Davis, Ryan
410:001 Research Project in American Politics: Politics and Film
Davis, Richard
420:001 Constitutional Law - American Federal System
Christensen, Ray
422:001 Interests and Ideas of the American Founding
Pope, Jeremy
430:001 Research Project in Public Policy: 
Public Policy and Program Evaluation
Holbein, John
450:002 Research Project in Comparative Politics: Middle East Revolutions
Mecham, Quinn
452:001 Islam and Politics Mecham, Quinn
470:001-2 Research Project in International Relations: 
Reimagining International Relations

Stiles, Ken
472:001 International Political Economy of Women
Newman, Arielle
476:001 Terrorism
Beesley, Celeste