Fall 2011 Syllabi




101R:001 ​Current Events & Political Science
​Christensen, R.
110:001 ​American Government & Politics ​Brown, A.
​110:002 ​American Government & Politics
​Davis, R.
110:003 ​American Government & Politics ​Monson, J.
150:001 ​Comparative Government & Politics
​Preece, J.
​150:002 ​Comparative Government & Politics
​Jacoby, W.
​150:003 Comparative Government & Politics​ ​Selway, J.
​170:001 ​Introduction to International Politics ​Hudson, V.
170:002 Introduction to International Politics ​Champion, B.
​170:005 Introduction to International Politics​ Ringer, J.​
200:001-008 ​Political Inquiry ​Christensen, R.
201:001 ​Western Political Heritage 1 Honors
​Hancock, R.
202:001 ​Western Political Heritage 2 Honors ​Hancock, R.
​202:002 Western Political Heritage 2​ ​Gilchrist, B.
​297:001 ​Internship Program Preparation ​Dunaway, J.
​311:001 ​State & Local Government & Politics ​Brown, A.
314:001 ​U.S. Presidency ​Daynes, B.
321:001 ​Media in American Politics ​Davis, R.
322:001 ​Early American Political Thought ​Gilchrist, B.
328:001-2,5-6 ​Quantitative Political Methodology
​Goodliffe, J.
Western European Politics Jacoby, W.
​344:001 ​Comparative Political Economics ​Selway, J.
​Topics in Politics: Practical Politics and Policy Making Speaker Series
​Hawkins, D.
​350:001 ​Theories of Comparative Politics
​Wheeler, N.
​357:001 ​Middle East Political Systems ​Bowen, D.
​358:001 Politics & Society in Latin America​ ​Hawkins, K.
​Topics in Comparative Politics: Women and Representation
​Christensen, R.
Preece, J.
​Topics in Comparative Politics: Comparative Institutional Analysis, taught with PL SC 344
​Selway, J.
​359R:003 Topics in Comparative Politics: Experiments in Political Science Nielson, D.
Gubler, J.​
​364:001 ​Jurisprudence
​Richards, J.
370:001 ​Theory of International Relations
​Hawkins, D.
372:001 ​International Political Economy
​Cooper, S.
375:001 ​International Organizations ​Stiles, K.
​376:002 ​US Foreign Policy ​Merrill, S.
377:001 ​National Security Affairs ​Milton, D.
​378:001 ​International Conflict ​Milton, D.
​385:001 ​International Relations of Asia
​Hyer, E.
​388:001 ​Chinese Foreign Policy Hyer, E.​
​391:001 ​Advanced Seminar on Current Issues (Washington Seminar)
​Rugh, S.
​399R:001 ​Washington, D.C. Internship
​Rugh, S.
​Political Science Internships
​Dunaway, S.
410:001 ​Capstone Seminar: American Politics: White House Politics & Social Agenda
​Daynes, B.
​410:002 ​Capstone Seminar: American Politics: Demographic Foundations of American Politics and Policy
​Wilson, S.
​430:001 Capstone: Public Policy: ​Demographic Foundations of American Politics and Policy, taught with 410:002 ​Wilson, S.
​444:001 ​Political Economy of Development ​Nielson, D.
​450:001 ​Capstone Seminar: Comparative Politics: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Conflict
​Gubler, J.
458:001 Totalitarianism ​Gilchrist, B.
470:001 ​Capstone: International Relations: States and Currencies ​Cooper, S.
470:002 ​Capstone: International Relations: Theories of International Cooperation
​Stiles, K.
​472:001 ​International Political Economy of Women ​Hudson, V.
Bowen, D.
​475:001 ​Civil Wars & Ethnic Violence
​Findley, M.
​476:001 ​Terrorism
​Findley, M.

Public Policy Courses




​501:001 Intro to Policy Analysis​ Cannon, J.​
​502:001 ​Policy Process
​Monson, J.
​599R:001-2 ​Academic Internship
​Wilson, S.
603:001 ​Data Analysis 1 ​Goodliffe, J.
​611:001 ​Policy Analysis 1
​Wilson, S.
​613:001 ​Field Experience
​Jones-Sanpei, H.