Fall 2015 Syllabi




​American Government & Politics ​Magleby, David
​150:001 ​Comparative Government & Politics ​Jacoby, Wade
170:001 ​Introduction to International Politics
​Cooper, Scott
200:001 ​Political Inquiry
​Christensen, Ray
201:001-2 ​Western Political Heritage 1 ​Dabling, Brandon
202:001 ​Western Political Heritage 2
​Davis, Ryan
210:001 ​Principles of American Politics ​Dynes, Adam
​250:001 ​Principles of Comparative Politics
​Hawkins, Kirk
270:001 ​Principles of International Relations ​Stiles, Ken
​297R:001 ​Internship Program Preparation ​Dunaway, Scott
​298:001 ​Speaker Series On Careers ​Wilson, Sven
306R:001 ​Topics in Political Science Methods ​Goodliffe, Jay
311:001 ​State & Local Government & Politics ​Dynes, Adam
​315:001 ​Congress and Legislative Process ​Barber, Mike
316:001 ​American Political Parties ​Davis, Richard
​319R:001 ​Topics in American Government & Politics ​Pope, Jeremy
​328:001-5 ​Statistical Analysis ​Gubler, Josh
​334:001 ​Public Ethics ​Jones-Sanpei, Hinckley
​341:001 ​Western European Politics ​Jacoby, Wade
343:001 ​Comparative Institutional Design
​Selway, Joel
344:001 ​Comparative Political Economy ​Beesley, Celeste
​349R:001 ​Topics in Politics ​Davis, Ryan
352:001 ​African Politics
​Nielson, Dan
​357:001 ​Middle East: Political Systems ​Mecham, Quinn
​358:001 ​Latin American Politics ​Hawkins, Kirk
​364:001 ​Jurisprudence ​Richards, James
​367:001 ​Contemporary Political Theory ​Hancock, Ralph
​368R:001 ​Topics in Political Philosophy ​Davis, Ryan
​372:001 ​International Political Economy ​Cooper, Scott
376:001 ​U.S. Foreign Policy
​Fry, Earl
​377:001 ​National Security Affairs ​Nelson, Chad
378:001 ​International Conflict
​Nelson, Chad
379R:001 ​Topics in International Relations ​Jevtic-Somlai, Liz
379R:002 ​Topics in International Relations
​Jevtic-Somlai, Liz
​382:001 ​International Relations of North America
​Fry, Earl
385:001 ​International Relations of Asia ​Hyer, Eric
​386:001 ​Japanese Foreign Policy ​Christensen, Ray
387:001 ​International Relations of Developing Countries
​Nielson, Dan
​388:001 ​Chinese Foreign Policy ​Hyer, Eric
​391:001 ​Advanced Seminar on Current Issues
​Johns, Andrew
​399R:001 ​Washington DC Internship ​Johns, Andrew
​399R:002 ​Academic Internship
​Dunaway, Scott
410:001 ​Reserach Project in American Politics ​Barber, Mike
​421:001 ​Constitutional Law - Rights and Immunities
​​Christensen, Ray
​422:001 ​Interests & Ideas in the American Founding ​Pope, Jeremy
​45​0:001 ​Research Project in Comparative Politics Bowen, Donna Lee
​450:002 ​Research Project in Comparative Politics
​Beesley, Celeste
​452:001 ​Islam and Politics
​Mecham, Quinn
​470:001 ​Research Project in International Relations
Cooper, Scott
​470:002 ​Research Project in International Relations
​Stiles, Ken