​Fall 2016 Syllabi




110:001 American Government and Politics​
Magleby, David
110:002​American Government and Politics
​Brown, Adam
150:001 Comparative Government and Politics​ Preece, Jessica
170:001 Introduction to International Politics​ ​Cooper, Scott
Political Inquiry
Nielson, Daniel
201:001​Western Political Heritage 1
​Hancock, Ralph
201:002​Western Political Heritage 1
​Dabling, Brandon
202:001-2 Western Political Heritage 2​ Davis, Ryan
210:001​Principles of American Politics
​Dynes, Adam
​210:002​Principles of American Politics
​Pope, Jeremy
250:001​Principles of Comparative Politics
​Hawkins, Kirk
270:001​Principles of International Relations
​Hawkins, Darren
​297R:001​Internship Program Preparation
​Dunaway, J. Scott
​298:001​Speaker Series on Careers
​Wilson, Sven & Daniels, Kellie
​311:001 State and Local Government and Politics
Dynes, Adam
313:001​Interest Groups
​Goodliffe, Jay
​317:001​Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
​Magleby, David
319R:002​Topics in American Government and Politics:
Journalism and Elections
​Magleby, David
319R:003​Topics in American Government and Politics
​Magleby, David
325:001 Politics of Wilderness, National Parks, and Public Land Management
Brown, Adam
​328:001-6​Statistical Analysis
​Gubler, Josh
334:001 Public Ethics
Jones-Sanpei, Hinckley
339R:001​Topics in Public Policy
​Jones-Sanpei, Hinckley
​341:001 Western European Politics
Jevtic-Somlai, Elizabeta
342:001​Gender and Politics
​Preece, Jessica
​349R:001​Topics in Politics: BYU Political Review
​Davis, Ryan
​352:001​African Politics
​Nielson, David
353:001​China: Government and Politics
​Griffiths, Robert
​357:001​Middle East: Political Systems
​Mecham, R. Quinn
​358:001​Latin American Politics
​Hawkins, Kirk
​364:001​Jurisprudence​White, Justin
365:001​Early American Political Thought: 1620-1865
​Dabling, Brandon
​373:001 International Law
Stiles, Ken
376:001​US Foreign Policy
​Fry, Earl
​376:002​​US Foreign Policy​​Cooper, Scott
378:001​International Conflict
​Nelson, Chad
​379R:001​Topics in International Relations: Children and War
​Jevtic-Somlai, Elizabeta
382:001​International Relations of North America
​Fry, Earl
​391:001​Advanced Seminar on Current Issues
​Otterstrom, Sam
​399R:001​Washington DC Internship
​Otterstrom, Sam
​399R:002​Academic Internship
​Dunaway, J. Scott
410:001​Research Project in American Politics:
Religion and American Political Behavior

​Monson, J. Quin
420:001​Constitutional Law - American Federal System
​Christensen, Ray
​421:001​Constitutional Law - Rights and Immunities
​Christensen, Ray
​422:001​Interests and Ideas in the American Founding
​Pope, Jeremy
​428:001​Advanced Statistical Analysis
​Goodliffe, Jay
​450:001​Research Project in Comparative Politics: Iraq
​Bowen, Donna Lee
​450:002​​​Research Project in Comparative Politics: Failed States
​Mecham, R. Quinn
​Hancock, Ralph
​470:001​Research Project in International Relations:
Politics in the Global, National, and Local Environment
​Hawkins, Darren
470:002​Research Project in International Relations:
Asymmetrical International Relations
​Stiles, Ken