Winter 2011 Syllabi




101R:001 ​Current Events & Political Science
​Christensen, R.
110:001-002 ​American Government & Politics ​Monson, Q.
110:003-004 ​American Government & Politics
​Patterson, K.
150:001 ​Comparative Government & Politics
​Preece, J.
150:002 ​Comparative Government & Politics
​Wheeler, N.
170:001 ​Introduction to International Politics ​Cooper, S.
170:002 Introduction to International Politics ​Champion, B.
200:001-009 ​Political Inquiry ​Nielson, D.
201:001 ​Western Political Heritage 1
​Reynolds, N.
202:001 ​Western Political Heritage 2 ​Gilchrist, B.
297:001 ​Internship Program Preparation ​Dunaway, J.
297:002 ​Internship Program Preparation ​Dunaway, J.
297:003 ​Internship Program Preparation ​Brown, A.
310:001 ​Theories of American Politics ​Goodliffe, J.
312:001 ​Japanese-American Internment: Topaz Plus ​Daynes, B.
315:001 ​Congress & Legislative Process
​Brown, A.
Topics in American Government & Politics: Comparative Parties and Elections, taught with 359R:002
Preece, J.
Topics in American Government & Politics: Seminar in American Electoral Politics
​Karpowitz, C.
321:001 ​Media in American Politics ​Davis, R.
​323:001 ​Modern American Political Thought ​Gilchrist, B.
328:001-005 ​Quantitative Political Methodology
​Pope, J.
Public Policy Theory Wilson, S.
344:001 ​Comparative Political Economics ​Wheeler, N.
347:001 ​Russia/Former Soviet Politics
​Cooper, S.
348:001 ​Government & Politics of Asia
​Selway, J.
​Topics in Politics: Data Collection/Qualitative Analysis
​Hudson, V.
350:001 ​Theories of Comparative Politics
​Selway, J.
351:001 ​British Government & Politics
​Ringer, J.
353:001 ​China: Government & Politics ​Hyer, E.
357:001 ​Middle East Political Systems ​Bowen, D.
​Topics in Comparative Politics: Politics of Central & Eastern Europe
​Wheeler, N.
​Topics in Comparative Politics: Comparative Parties & Elections, taught with 319R:001
​Preece, J.
360:001 ​Constitutional Law-American Federal System ​Daynes, B.
361:001 ​Constitutional Law-Rights & Immunities
​Christensen, R.
​370:001 ​Theory of International Relations
​Stiles, K.
373:001 ​International Law ​Stiles, K.
374:002 ​Ethics & International Affairs ​Kirkham, D.
376:001 ​US Foreign Policy ​Payne, J.
377:001 ​National Security Affairs ​Hudson, V.
378:003 ​International Conflict ​Merrill, S.
379R:002 ​Topics in International Relations: Global Issues- Children At Risk. Also taught with SOC W 585:001
​Roby, J.
380:001 ​International Relations of Latin America ​Hawkins, K.
386:001 ​Japanese Foreign Policy
​Christensen, R.
​391:001 ​Advanced Seminar on Current Issues (Washington Seminar)
​Fry, E.
399R:001 ​Washington D.C. Internship (Washington Seminar)
​Fry, E.
​Utah Legislature Internship
​Brown, A.
​399R:003 ​Academic Internship ​Dunaway, S.
400:001 ​Capstone: Political Theory: Politics and American Mythology in Text and Film
​Gilchrist, B.
410:001 ​Capstone: American Politics: Politics and Film
​Davis, R.
410:002 ​Capstone: American Politics: Religion and American Political Behavior; prerequisite PL SC 328
​Monson, J.
444:001 ​Political Economy of Development ​Nielson, D.
450:001 ​Capstone: Comparative Politics: The Causes of Corruption; will be taught with HONRS 261:002
​Hawkins, K.
450:002 ​Capstone: Comparative Politics: Iraq ​Bowen, D.
470:001 ​Capstone: International Relations: Terrorism ​Payne, J.
470:002 ​Capstone: International Relations: Major Issues in U.S. Policy Toward Asia
​Hyer, E.
470:004 ​Capstone: International Relations: International Cooperation ​Stiles, K.
474:001 ​Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict ​Gubler, J.
​498R:002 ​Directed Individual Study
​Nielson, D.
545:001 ​Social Policy
​Seipel, M.
559R:001 ​Advanced Topics in Comparative Government: Chinese Politics
​Hyer, E.

Public Policy Courses




​505:001 ​Normal Theory Policy Analysis
​Jones-Sanpei, H.
​599R:001 ​Academic Internship
​Wilson, S.
​604:001 ​Data Analysis 2 ​Goodliffe, J.
​615:001 ​Graduate Seminar ​Wilson, S.
​689R:001 ​Directed Individual Study ​TBA
​693R:001 ​Tutorial in Public Policy
​Wilson, S.