Winter 2012 Syllabi




101R:001 ​Current Events ​Ray Christensen
110:001-4 ​American Government & Politics ​Quin Monson
150:001 Comparative Government & Politics​ Jessica Preece​
150:002 ​Comparative Government & Politics ​Joel Selway
170:001 Intro to International Politics ​Scott Cooper
170:002 Intro to International Politics​ Brian Champion​
200:001-8 Political Inquiry​ Ray Christensen​
201:001 Western Political Heritage 1​ Brent Gilchrist​
​202:001 Western Political Heritage 2​ Brent Gilchrist​
297:001 ​Internship Program Preparation: Utah State Legislature Adam Brown​
​297:002 Internship Program Preparation: Washington Seminar ​Sp/Su 2012 ​Scott Dunaway
29​7:003 Internship Program Preparation: Washington Seminar ​Fall 2012 ​Scott Dunaway
​300:001 Contemporary Political Theory​ Ralph Hancock​
309R:001​ Topics in Political Philosophy​ Ralph Hancock​
​310:001 Theories of American Politics​ Chris Karpowitz​
​315:001 Congress & Legislative Process​ Adam Brown​
316:001 American Political Parties​ Richard Davis​
319R:001 Topics in American Govt & Politics: Political Parties​, taught with 359R Jessica Preece​
​320:001 American Politics Through Literature​ Byron Daynes​
321:001 Media in American Politics​ Richard Davis​
​324:001 Political Philosophy​ Chris Karpowitz​
328:001-6 Quantitative Political Methodology​ Mike Findley​
​339R:001 Topics in Public Policy: Social Policy, taught with ​545 Michael Seipel​
348:001 Government & Politics of Asia​ Eric Hyer​
349R:001 Topics in Politics: Qualitative Methods Kirk Hawkins​
350:001 Theories of Comparative Politics
​Dan Nielson
351:001 British Government & Politics​ Jeff Ringer​
353:001 China: Government & Politics​ Eric Hyer​
​354:001 Japan: Government & Politics​ Ray Christensen​
357:001 Middle East: Political Systems​ Donna Lee Bowen​
359R:002 Topics in Comparative Politics: Political Parties, taught with 319R​ Jessica Preece​
359R:003​ Topics in Comparative Politics: Democracies & Dictatorships Nick Wheeler​
​360:001 Constitutional Law and the American Federal System​ Byron Daynes​
370:001 Theory of International Relations​ Ken Stiles​
372:001 International Political Economy​ Ken Stiles​
​374:001 Ethics & International Affairs​ David Kirkham​
376:001 U.S. Foreign Policy​ Scott Cooper​
377:001 National Security Affairs​ Daniel Milton​
378:001 International Conflict​ Daniel Milton​
​379R:001 Topics in International Relations: Global Issues - Children at Risk Jini Roby​
379R:002 Topics in International Relations: Human Security Darren Hawkins
Scott Cooper
380:001 International Relations of Latin America​ Kirk Hawkins​
​391:001 Advanced Seminar on Current Issues - Washington Seminar participants only Susan Rugh​
400:001 Capstone Seminar in Political ​Theory: Myth, Magic & Technology: Studies in the Philosophy of Culture ​Brent Gilchrist
410:001 Capstone Seminar in American Politics: Religion and American Political Behavior Quin Monson​
450:001 Capstone Seminar in Comparative Politics: International Development Dan Nielson​
​450:003 Capstone Seminar in Comparative Politics: Examining the Modern State Nick Wheeler​
470:001 Capstone Seminar in International Relations: Major Issues in U.S. Policy Toward Asia Eric Hyer​
470:002 Capstone Seminar in International Relations: Terrorism Daniel Milton​
474:001 Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict​ Josh Gubler​
539R:001 Advanced Topics in Public Policy: Econometrics Jay Goodliffe​
​545:001 Social Policy, taught with 339R​ Michael Seipel​

Public Policy Courses




​604:001 Data Analysis 2​ Jay Goodliffe​
612:001 Policy Analysis 2​ Hinckley Jones-Sanpei​
615:001​ Graduate Seminar​ Sven Wilson​