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Archived December 2016: 
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Archived October 2016: 

  • The New York Times recently quoted Prof. Chris Karpowitz, co-director of the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, in an article about Mormons and Donald Trump.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Meet former student Kyrene Gibb, whose involvement as an undergrad helped her land a job as director of research at Y2 Analytics in Salt Lake City.
  • Top of Mind with Julie Rose recently featured two faculty:
  • Prof. Earl Fry recently published an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail, which is widely considered to be the Canadian equivalent to the New York Times. Read the article here.
  • Three BYU graduates recently participated in a Global Development panel to discuss their work in non-profits, which resulted from their work with the WomanStats Project while studying at BYU. Read a review here.
  • Listen to Prof. Chris Karpowitz speak with Julie Rose on BYUradio's Top of Mind. He and Grant Madsen talked about how the upcoming presidential debates and the health of the candidates might affect the election.
  • Recent alumna Alejandra Gimenez was named a 2016-17 APSA Minority Fellowship Program recipient during the Fall 2015 application cycle. Learn more about her future plans here!
  • Congratulations to Prof. Wade Jacoby, who was named a Transatlantic Academy Fellow for 2016-17. Throughout the year, Prof. Jacoby will explore the topic of "Germany and the United States in the 21st Century." Click here for the press release.
  • Check out the most recent issue of Connections, the FHSS Magazine. You will find articles about Twitter and politics, gender in politics, a Q&A with Prof. Earl Fry, and a tribute to the late Prof. Bill Daynes.
  • Prof. Quinn Mecham appeared twice on the BYUradio show, "Top of Mind with Julie Rose." He first analyzed the foreign policy proposals of Trump and Clinton (listen here). His second appearance focused on the Colombian peace deal, worsening conditions in Aleppo, and the Paris Climate Agreement (listen here).
Archived September 2016: 

  • Click here to read an article on Prof. Earl Fry's discussion of the EU-US connection at the Finnish Institute of Foreign Affaris in Helsinki earlier this year. Tip: You will want to use Google Translate.
  • The BYUradio show, "Top of Mind with Julie Rose," featured two BYU faculty:
    • Prof. Joel Selway, who spent the summer in Thailand, gave some great perspective on the recent constitutional referendum. Listen here.
    • Prof. Quinn Mecham discussed Thailand, South Sudan, and Boko Haram. Listen here.
  • The Beta Mu Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha won a Best Chapter Award for 2015-16. This marks the 5th year in a row that BYU has received this honor. Congratulations!!!
Archived August 2016: 

  • Click here to read Prof. Eric Hyer's article on how the South China Sea ruling affects U.S interests, which was recently featured in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Click here to learn more about the life of alumnus Ambassador Robert R. King (BA '66), who currently serves as United States special envoy for North Korean Human Rights issues.
  • Why is it important that we know more about the recent failed coup in Turkey and the resulting fall-out? Professor Quinn Mecham explains in this article from the Cairo Review of Global Affairs.
  • The BYU Radio show, "Top of Mind With Julie Rose," recently featured several BYU faculty:
    • Associate Professor Chris Karpowitz spoke about Trump's trailing status in recent polls. Listen here.
    • Professor Kelly Patterson discussed the DNC and Clinton's campaign prospects. Listen here.
    • CSED Co-Director and Associate Professor Jeremy Pope spoke on the GOP Convention, Puerto Rico Recovery, and Economic Mobility. Listen here.
    • Associate Professor Scott Cooper spoke on possible U.S. and Russia relations under Trump or Clinton. Listen here.
  • Click here to read Professor Sven Wilson's paper in the National Bureau of Economic Research. The paper is entitled "Persistent Social Networks: Civil War Veterans who Fought Together Co-Locate Later in Life."
Archived July 2016: 

  • Click here to read Professor Eric Hyer's short essay in The National Interest, "The U.S. and Japan May Literally Start a War over Rocks in the South China Sea," about recent territorial disputes in that region. The Permanent Court of Arbitration recently handed down a decision in the case.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Click here to learn more about alum Bryant Montgomery (BA '92 in IR), who serves as city manager of Oakley, CA and frequently travels to Mexico and other parts of Latin America with the International City/County Management Association.
  • This year, Sigma student authors received cash awards as part of the Dr. Garth N. Jones Student Writing Award, which is a  new addition to the department. Click here to read more about the award, the authors and their papers.
  • Click here to read an article in the Economist that mentions a public working paper by Professors Darren Hawkins and Jay Goodliffe. The paper is regarding the impact of foreign aid distribution to well-run countries versus those that are managed poorly.
  • Prof. Kirk Hawkins recently published an article about Hugo Ch├ívez and his movement. The article is titled "Chavismo, Liberal Democracy, and Radical Democracy," and was published by the Annual Review of Political Science.
  • Congratulations to junior Soren Schmidt, who was granted a $2,000 scholarship from Pi Sigma Alpha for his internship in the office of Senator Jeff Flake! This is the second year in a row that a student from BYU has received this honor.
  • Nearly 100 BYU students attended Beyond BYU 2016, which was held May 5-6 in Washington, D.C. Click here for an article in the Daily Universe and click here for a post on our department blog.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Click here to read about 1987 alum Douglas Hudger, who started the ABC (Assistance in Breaking the Cycle) Court in Henderson, NV, to help habitual offenders transition into a new, stable lifestyle. 
Archived June 2016: 
  • The Stan A. Taylor Endowed Fund was recently set up to honor emeritus faculty member Stan Taylor and to help students in Political Science and International Relations. Click here to learn more.
  • Congratulations to James Martherus, Jenah House, and Clarissa Gregory, who placed in the 2017 Fulton Mentored Learning Conference in April 2016! Over 600 students participated in the event, with nearly 300 posters.
  • Click here to read about a recent study published in the American Political Science Review, in which Professor Donna Lee Bowen and Perpetua Lynne Nielsen showed a distinct correlation between poor government and poor treatment of women.
  • Over 50 BYU students were inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society, at the annual department awards banquet held in March 2016.
Archived May 2016: 
  • Alumni Spotlight! Johnny Harris is a 2013 alumnus in International Relations. He is currently a multimedia producer at Vox, based in Washington, D.C. Click here to read more about what Johnny has been up to since graduation!
  • Click here for an in-depth look at the significant international events discussed in the January 2016 issue of the Political Review, which is the university's only political op-ed publication.
  • Congratulations to Soren Schmidt and Rachel Stone, who were selected as 2016 Truman Scholarship Finalists! Soren interviewed for Idaho and Rachel interviewed for Utah. 
Archived April 2016: 
  • The BYUPAS Salt Lake Chapter hosted BYU students at the Utah State Capitol in late January. It was a day of networking and mentoring. Click here to read more!
  • On February 4th, Prof. Roger Porter from Harvard University gave the 2016 G. Homer Durham Lecture. His topic was "Presidential Leadership in a Challenging Time: How Should We Measure the President?"
  • Click here for an in-depth look at the significant international events discussed in the January 2016 issue of the Political Review, which is the university's only political op-ed publication.
Archived February 2016: 
  • Click here to read an article from the Washington Post Monkey Cage by Professors Chris Karpowitz and Jeremy Pope. The article is titled: "Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders had a good caucus. But primaries are another matter."
  • Prof. Jay Goodliffe was in Washington, D.C., participating in a panel commemorating the 40th anniversary of Buckley v. Valeo, a key Supreme Court case on campaign finance. The panel was broadcast live on CSPAN2. Click here to watch!
  • Prof. Dan Nielson participated in a panel on "Global Governance in Transition," along with other leading experts on foreign aid. Read about it here.
  • The Fall 2015 Public Affairs Lecture Series was a resounding success. Click here for some highlights as well as career and general advice from the speakers.
  • A Hearty congratulations goes to Prof. Ken Stiles, whose book, State Responses to International Law, was awarded the Best Book Award by the ILAW section of ISA!