BYU Political Science Department December 2012 Newsletter


At a recent family party, someone asked me about our department's reaction to the recent elections. I described our elation that it was over! It turned out I had misunderstood the question. He had wanted to know whether faculty were happy with the results. On that issue, opinions undoubtedly vary. But we are unanimous in our sense of satisfaction at a job well done in terms of analyzing the election and helping students participate in the process, both as analysts and as activists. We received and responded to streams of media inquiries, hosted student and faculty debates on important issues, and sponsored a political involvement fair on campus with representatives from a wide variety of political campaigns. I don't think we've ever been busier in terms of the number of events and the high visibility of the events. Just as I expressed at my family party, we are delighted with all the students and faculty who did such a great job. Please read on to learn more about these events and others from the past few months!

-Darren Hawkins, Political Science Department Chair

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