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The Political Science Post

Magazines/Newsletters of the Political Science Department

  • Special Edition 2020, featuring Political Science graduates and award winners
  • Winter 2020, featuring Human Rights and Professor Darren Hawkins
  • Fall 2019, featuring San Marino and Professor Kendall Stiles
  • Summer 2019, featuring America and Professor David Magleby
  • Winter 2019, featuring France and Professor Ralph Hancock
  • Fall 2018, featuring China and Professor Eric Hyer
  • Summer 2018, featuring Germany and Professor Wade Jacoby
  • Winter 2018, featuring Canadian Studies and Professor Earl Fry
  • Fall 2017, featuring the Middle East and Professor Donna Lee Bowen
  • Spring 2017, featuring Women in Politics and Professor Jessica Preece
  • January 2017, featuring Thailand and Professor Joel Selway