Thursday Group

  12:00-1:30pm in 793 KMBL unless otherwise indicated

Fall 2018 Schedule

09/20/2018 Celeste Beesley and Scott Cooper Microfoundations of the Commercial Peace: The Effect of Export Dependence on Ukrainian Public Opinion During the Russia Conflict Joel Selway
09/27/2018 Anand Sokhey, UC Boulder Reason for Discussion? Emotion and Network Engagement During a Campaign Chris Karpowitz
10/04/2018 Hye Young You, NYU Campaign Styles: Persistency in Campaign Resource Allocation Mike Barber
10/11/2018 Lucy Williams Attained but Unattainable: Ralph Waldo Emerson's Aspirational American Exceptionalism Daniel Frost
10/18/2018 Darren Hawkins and Dan Nielson International Diffusion of Development Knowledge: A Field Experiment on Officials' Responses to Impact Evidence in Peru Josh Gubler
10/25/2018 2018 Civic Engagement Fall Research Conference: No Thursday Group



Sarah Sokhey, UC Boulder Institutional Quality and Social Policy Preferences: Experimental Evidence Daniel Nielson
11/08/2018 Leah Stokes, UC Santa Barbara State legislators, state legislative staffers and representation of the American public Adam Brown
11/15/2018 Joel Selway Components of Nationalsim and the Role of Framing in the Emergence and Maintenance of National Identities Wade Jacoby
11/22/2018 Thanksgiving: No Thursday Group
11/29/2018 Ryan Davis and Rachel Finlayson TBA TBA
12/06/2018 Department Meeting
12/13/2018 Chad Nelson TBA TBA
12/20/2018 Department Meeting
12/27/2018 Winter Break: No Thursday Group


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