Thursday Group

  12:00-1:30pm in 793 KMBL unless otherwise indicated

Winter 2019 Schedule

01/10/2019 Rochelle Terman, University of Chicago Don't Tell Us What to Do: Human Rights Shaming and Nationalist Backlash Kirk Hawkins
01/17/2019 No Thursday Group (SPSA Conference)
01/24/2019 G. Homer Durham Lecture at 11am in 250 KMBL
01/31/2019 TBA TBA TBA
02/07/2019 Adam Bonica, Stanford University TBA TBA
02/14/2019 Katja Kleinberg, SUNY Binghamton TBA TBA
02/21/2019 Lisa Argyle TBA TBA
02/28/2019 No Thursday Group (Department EEO Training)
03/07/2019 Daniel Argyle, Data Scientist at Fiscal Note TBA TBA
03/14/2019 Ryan Jablonski, London School of Economics TBA TBA
03/21/2019 Michelle Margolis, UPenn TBA TBA



Barry Levitt, Florida International University TBA TBA
04/04/2019 Nahomi Ichino, University of Michigan TBA TBA
04/11/2019 Mike Barber, Mandi Eatough, and Jessica Preece TBA TBA
04/18/2019 Lilliana Mason, University of Maryland TBA TBA
04/25/2019 No Thursday Group (University Commencement)
05/02/2019 Boris Shor, University of Houston TBA TBA
05/09/2019 TBA TBA TBA


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