Thursday Group

  12:00-1:30pm in 793 KMBL unless otherwise indicated

2018 Schedule

01/11/2018 Jonathan Ladd, 
Georgetown University
Affective and Perceptual Polarization Among Party Activists Mike Barber
01/18/2018 Lucan Way, 
University of Toronto
The Revolutionary Origins of Soviet Durability Scott Cooper
01/25/2018 Brett Benson,
Vanderbilt University
Transmission of Violence through Arms Trade Networks Jay Goodliffe
02/01/2018 Boliang Zhu, 
Penn State University
Greasing the Wheels of Commerce? Corruption and Foreign Investment
Celeste Beesley
02/08/2018 Cecilia Mo,
Youth National Service and Women's Political Ambition: The Case of Teach for America John Holbein
02/15/2018 Department Meeting: No Thursday Group
02/22/2018 Durham Lecture: 11am in 250 SWKT
*start time is 3:30pm
Jennifer Lawless, 
American University
Nice Girls? Sex, Collegiality, and Bipartisan Cooperation in the U.S. Congress Richard Davis
03/01/2018 Department Hiring Meeting: No Thursday Group
03/08/2018 John Zaller, UCLA Social Choice and Coordination Problems in Open House Primaries
David Magleby
03/15/2018 No Thursday Group
03/22/2018 Hahrie Han,
UC Santa Barbara
Civic Feedbacks
Richard Davis
03/29/2018 Jessica Preece and Adam Dynes Evidence of Gendered Selection Effects into Public Office: Gendered Institutions, Political Ambition, and Personality Differences Jeremy Pope
04/05/2018 ISA and MPSA Conferences: No Thursday Group
04/12/2018 Fulton Poster Conference: No Thursday Group
04/19/2018 Canceled: No Thursday Group
04/26/2018 University Commencement: No Thursday Group
05/03/2018 Adam Dynes The party decides the rules: How different vote counting rules change the outcome of the 2016 Republican Primary Mike Barber
05/10/2018 Jim Curry, University of Utah What is Regular Order Worth? Partisan Lawmaking and Congressional Processes Kelly Patterson
05/17/2018 Mike Barber and Jeremy Pope The Evolution of American Founding Documents Sven Wilson
05/24/2018 No Thursday Group
05/31/2018 Chris Warshaw, 
George Washington University
Politics in Forgotten Governments: The Partisan Composition of County Legislatures and County Fiscal Policies Adam Dynes
06/05/2018 *special Tuesday Group Jeremy Pope and James Lee (student) Committees at the Constitutional Convention Jay Goodliffe
06/14/2018 Jay Goodliffe and Quin Monson Caring for "the Least of These": Social Gospel Adherence and the Policy Diffusion of Medicaid Expansion John Holbein


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