Thursday Group

  12:00-1:30pm in 793 KMBL unless otherwise indicated

January-May 2019 Schedule

01/10/2019 Rochelle Terman, University of Chicago Don't Tell Us What to Do: Human Rights Shaming and Nationalist Backlash Kirk Hawkins
01/17/2019 No Thursday Group (SPSA Conference)
01/24/2019 G. Homer Durham Lecture at 11am in 250 KMBL
01/31/2019 Adam Dynes

1. Do Republican and Democratic Legislators have Polarized Views of their District's Demographics? 

2. Term Limited Legislators Invest Less in Learning their District

Kelly Patterson
02/07/2019 Adam Bonica, Stanford University Are Donation-Based Measures of Ideology Valid Predictors of Individual-Level Policy Preferences? Jay Goodliffe
02/14/2019 Canceled due to weather
02/21/2019 Lisa Argyle Situational Variation in Interpersonal Political Conversation Chris Karpowitz
02/28/2019 No Thursday Group (Department EEO Training)
03/07/2019 Daniel Argyle, FiscalNote Cross State Ideal Points
Jeremy Pope
03/14/2019 Ryan Jablonski, London School of Economics How Foreign Aid Crowds Out Public Spending: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi Darren Hawkins
03/21/2019 Michele Margolis, UPenn Creating Coalitions: Understanding the Relationship between Feminist Identification and Racial Awareness among White Americans Lisa Argyle



Barry Levitt, Florida International University The Political Culture(s) of Disaster Risk Reduction in Mexico, Before and After the Sept. 2017 Earthquake Kirk Hawkins
04/04/2019 Nahomi Ichino, University of Michigan Generalized Nonlinear Difference-in-Difference-in-Differences Dan Nielson
04/11/2019 No Thursday Group (Mary Lou Fulton Student Poster Conference)
04/18/2019 Lilliana Mason, University of Maryland Predicting Trump: Social Indicators of Future Trump Support John Holbein
04/25/2019 No Thursday Group (University Commencement)
05/02/2019 Boris Shor, University of Houston Can Pigou at the Polls Stop Us Melting the Poles?
Adam Brown
05/09/2019 Katja Kleinberg, Binghamton University Too Pacifist in Peace, Too Bellicose in War: Political Information and Foreign Policy Opinion Celeste Beesley
05/16/2019 Hans Hassell, Florida State University Following the Leader of the Pack? Where a News Story is Published and Perceived Newsworthiness Jeremy Pope
05/23/2019 No Thursday Group (Young Scholars Conference)
05/30/2019 Daniel Frost, BYU Virtue and the Antidiscrimination Project Ryan Davis


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