Thursday Group

  12:00-1:30pm in 793 KMBL unless otherwise indicated

Fall 2019 Schedule

08/01/2019 Savanna Eccles Johnston, Claremont Graduate University
Immigration and Nationhood
Ryan Davis
08/08/2019 Chris Davey, visiting scholar at BYU "I need to protect everyone": Exploring Banyamulenge Violent Masculinity Joel Selway
08/15/2019 No Thursday Group
08/22/2019 Education Week: No Thursday Group
08/29/2019 APSA: No Thursday Group
09/05/2019 Darren Hawkins and Chris Karpowitz What Value Messages Produce Change in Environmental Attitudes? Adam Brown
09/12/2019 Department Meeting: No Thursday Group
09/19/2019 Josh Gubler and Chris Karpowitz Mixed Affective States and the Fundamental Challenge of Persuasion
Quin Monson
09/26/2019 Department Meeting: No Thursday Group
10/03/2019 Faculty Hiring: No Thursday Group
10/10/2019 No Thursday Group
10/17/2019 Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University The Feeling of Belonging: Revolutionary Syrian Identity Between Home and Exile Quinn Mecham
10/24/2019 No Thursday Group
10/31/2019 No Thursday Group
11/07/2019 Brendan Nyhan, Dartmouth University A digital media literacy intervention increases discernment between mainstream and false news in the United States and India Josh Gubler
11/14/2019 Faculty Hiring: No Thursday Group
11/21/2019 Department Meeting: No Thursday Group
11/28/2019 Thanksgiving: No Thursday Group
12/05/2019 Alison Johnston, Oregon State University It takes two to tango: Mortgage markets, labor markets and rising household debt in advanced market economies Wade Jacoby
12/12/2019 Christina Schneider, UCSD TBA TBA
12/19/2019 Final Exams: No Thursday Group
12/26/2019 Christmas Break: No Thursday Group


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