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College Approval to Serve Food


Approval from the college controller is required any time food is purchased for students using university funds. This approval is separate from the university’s event approval form you are required to fill out for club activities. Both forms ask about food, but the event form is for Risk Management and is concerned with potential health or safety issues related to serving food. The food approval is financial in nature and insures that university funds are being used for a legitimate purpose. Although they both ask about food, the event approval and food approval serve different purposes, and both are required.

Food approvals need to be submitted at least one week prior to your event. You can submit a food approval using the form found at this link:

You will receive an email notification letting you know when your request has been approved.


  1. Go to the front desk and check out a credit card.
    1. If you are buying something on campus (Food to Go, BYU Store, BYU Catering, etc.) ask for a campus card.
    2. If you are purchasing off campus, request a credit card.
  2. Fill out the credit card usage contract.
  3. Leave your driver’s license or student ID card as collateral.
  4. Take a blank expense form and the card.
  5. We have one credit card and multiple users, so please return the card immediately after completing your purchase. Please note that the card cannot be kept overnight.
  6. After you have made your purchase, fill out the expense form, attach an itemized receipt to the form, and return it with the card. Your ID card will not be returned to you until you bring back a receipt.


Please note that the office staff will not give you a credit card to purchase food if you have not first submitted a food approval request.