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Grant Frazier

Informed/ Advertising Officer

Grant Frazier is a junior pursuing a double major in English and Political Science. Born and raised in Utah, Grant loves hiking, writing, political strategy and state-level politics. Before serving in the BYUPAS, he served as co-president of the BYU College Democrats club, organizing and participating in debates, lectures, and academic panels for the organization. He also worked an internship for a state-level campaign management firm during this time. Due in part to his attention-deficit disorder, Grant loves to take on new challenges and learn about everything he possibly can. Because of this, he’s considering non-profit management, journalism, law school, and English PhD programs for his post-graduation plans (and yes, he’s aware that he can’t do all of these). Additionally, Grant loves waffles, punk rock music, his telescope, and every sitcom made in the early 2000s.