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Olivia DeMordaunt


Olivia DeMordaunt is a religious saint of McGriddles. You might be very surprised to know that she is also a political science major! Even more surprising is that Olivia is accidentally a global women's studies and sociology minor. She doesn't know how to pronounce her own last name and her middle name is self-deprecation. Olivia loves being a true blue COUG and collecting Provo parking tickets for fun! She enjoys long late-night walks between the SWKT and the HBLL and people watching at the Cougar Eat. Olivia is fluent in two languages, Trader Joe's frozen food selection, and Crumbl's weekly cookie flavors. She is an aspiring conspiracy theorist and Instagram influencer. Olivia is excited to plan events for the Political Affairs Society and hopefully will finally convince McDonalds to cater breakfast.