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Rebecca Dudley

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rebecca Dudley received her PhD from Duke University in Political Science (Security, Peace, and Conflict and Political Methodology) and joined BYU's faculty that fall. She teaches courses on civil wars and American foreign policy. Her research focuses on conflict resolution and foreign policy, emphasizing the role that third parties play in the dynamics of conflict and conflict resolution. She was a Pre-Doctoral Fellow with the America in the World Consortium, a Graduate Fellow with the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, a Fellow with the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy, and a Hans J. Morgenthau Fellow with the Notre Dame International Security Center. Her research has been published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution.


Dudley, Rebecca. "Turning the Tables: Military Intervention and the Onset of Negotiations in Civil War" Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2023.

Research Interests:

International relations, foreign policy, conflict, civil wars, interventions


POLI 376 - American Foreign Policy
POLI 475 - Civil Wars and Ethnic Violence