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Pack Tyler 2019.jpg

Tyler Pack

Visiting Professor

I specialize in civil wars and ethnic conflicts, civil-military relations, and authoritarian regimes. In particular, I explore how nearby conflict influences the decision making of political leaders, military elites, and the public in neighboring states.

Prior to starting at BYU as a visiting professor, I received my PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Teaching Interests

I teach classes on international relations, civil wars and ethnic conflict, American foreign policy, and international intervention. In my courses, students engage through active learning activities including simulations, debates, case studies, and group discussions to explore both the academic and policy implications of political decision making. My goal in teaching is to enable students to recognize complexity in the political world and to build the analytical tools necessary to engage with those complex issues.

Research Interests

I study the spillover effects of civil war in democratic and authoritarian regimes from World War II to the present. Current projects include a study of how the threat environment of a nearby civil war presents a window for coup proofing by political elites and also work on how individuals respond to conflict threats based on actual and perceived threats from nearby violence.

Courses Taught

2021: POLI 475, 270, 376

2020: POLI 475, 270, 379R

2019: POLI 475, 270