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The International Strategy and Diplomacy track is designed to help students prepare for a career in the International Community or State Department, in diplomacy and risk analysis. Core skills here will help you develop the experience needed to succeed internationally in the private sector, in international government relations, in national security and conflict analysis, human rights, and to prepare for graduate school in business, law or academics.


GROUP 6.1.1 Complete 6.0 hours from the following course(s)

Note: Internships and mentored research must be related to international strategy and diplomacy to count for the International Strategy and Diplomacy Track.

POLI 342 - Gender and Politics3.0

POLI 343 - Designing Democracy: Constitutional Design for Democratic Governance3.0

POLI 344 - Comparative Political Economy3.0

POLI 345 - Comparative Parties and Elections3.0

POLI 359R - Topics in Comparative Politics3.0v

You may take up to 6 credit hours.

POLI 371 - Foreign Policy Analysis3.0

POLI 372 - International Political Economy3.0

POLI 373 - International Law3.0

POLI 374 - Ethics and International Affairs3.0

POLI 375 - International Organizations3.0

POLI 377 - National Security Affairs3.0

POLI 378 - International Conflict3.0

POLI 379R - Topics in International Relations3.0v

You may take up to 6 credit hours.

POLI 399R - Congressional Internship9.0v

POLI 444 - The Political Economy of Development3.0

POLI 472 - International Political Economy of Women3.0

POLI 473 - Human Rights3.0

POLI 475 - Civil Wars and Ethnic Violence3.0

POLI 476 - Terrorism3.0

POLI 497R - Mentored Research6.0v

GROUP 6.1.2 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)

HIST 393 - U.S. Foreign Relations3.0

POLI 376 - U.S. Foreign Policy3.0

POLI 380 - International Relations of Latin America3.0

POLI 381 - International Relations of the Middle East3.0

POLI 382 - International Relations of North America3.0

POLI 385 - International Relations of Asia3.0

POLI 386 - Japanese Foreign Policy3.0

POLI 387 - International Relations of Developing Countries3.0

POLI 388 - Chinese Foreign Policy3.0

GROUP 6.1.3 Complete 6.0 hours from the following course(s)

POLI 341 - European Politics3.0

POLI 346 - Southeast Asian Politics3.0

POLI 347 - Russia/Former Soviet Politics3.0

POLI 348 - Government and Politics of Asia3.0

POLI 351 - British Government and Politics3.0

POLI 352 - African Politics3.0

POLI 353 - China: Government and Politics3.0

POLI 354 - Japan: Government and Politics3.0

POLI 355 - Canadian Government and Politics3.0

POLI 357 - Middle East Politics3.0

POLI 358 - Latin American Politics3.0

POLI 452 - Islam and Politics3.0

POLI 474 - Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict3.0

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to complete international internships, field studies, and mentored research. Some study abroad programs may also be helpful.

Note: Students should contact the Political Science Internship Director, Scott Dunaway (945 KMBL, 801-422-2168), at least 60-90 days before the anticipated internship start date or before beginning the search for an internship.