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Job Opportunities

Investment Associate at Soltis Needed

Job Description

The Investment Associate will be an important member of the internal investments team at Soltis. The Investment Associate should have a strong interest in financial markets and investments. The Associate will work closely with the Chief Investment Officer, Director of Investment Research, and Senior Investment Associate. The Associate will have a range of duties including the following:

  • Preparation of economic and market reporting
  • Investment analysis and reporting
  • Monitor firm’s individual stocks and bonds
  • Resource on investments to advisors
  • Preparation of Investment Committee and Asset Allocation Committee reports


  • Strong interest in financial markets, investments, and economics
  • Undergraduate degree or in last year of degree in Finance, Economics, Political Science (Political Economy Interest), or Business
  • Familiarity and experience using Excel for statistical or financial analysis
  • Self-starter and problem solver that can work independently on projects
  • Interest in pursuing CFA designation is a plus

Full-Time, willing to do Part-Time for student in last year of degree

Soltis' Downtown Salt Lake City Office

Anyone who is interested can send their resume to