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Poster Conference 2020

Professor Darren Hawkins

"If It's Safe, Will They Come?: Factors Motivating Utah National Park Visitation & Activities Pre- and Post-COVID-19"
By Grant Baldwin, Dylan Blanchard, and Anna Carlson

"Fear of the Outdoors, Covid-19's effects on Utah's National Park Visitation"
By Addison Garside and Jacob Maughan

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
By Morgan Rushforth and Jared McGrail

Professor Jeremy Pope

"Plea Bargains: Justice for the Guilty or Fear for the Innocent?"
By Emily Stauffer

"Congressional Representation and Changing Racial Resentment"
By Kesley Powell

Professor Jay Goodliffe

"The Effect of Campaign Finance Attitudes and Ideology on Donating"
By Kesley Powell

Professor Adam Dynes

"Psychological Biases in Municipal Officials"
By Kevin Auman, David Clove, and Chris Vazquez

Professor Chris Davey

"Genocide Database Project 2020"
By Kameron Abilla, Austin Brady, Tony Call, Michael Fergus, Emma Gleave, Hailey Guymon, Olivia DeMourdant, Ethan Pitts, and Siale Tayler