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Professional Emphases

Political science majors have the option to choose from five emphases within the general political science degree. These specialized emphases direct students to courses that conform to their desired career paths or graduate studies.
  1. International Strategy and Diplomacy is designed for majors interested in international/comparative-related careers such as diplomacy and risk analysis and includes courses on comparative politics, international relations, national security, human rights, etc.
  2. Legal Studies is an ideal emphasis for those interested in law school because courses there cover constitutional law, international law, and jurisprudence, for example
  3. The Political Strategy emphasis may be an option for those interested in political and campaign management and features courses on topics such as campaigns and elections, the political role of the media, and state and local government
  4. Research and Analysis, a fourth emphasis, may be the choice of those going on to graduate work in social sciences. It includes course electives in areas such as survey research, experimental methods, and qualitative methods
  5. Global Development, the final emphasis, is an option for students interested in political and economic development, with courses on subjects such as regional or country-specific politics, political economy, terrorism, etc.